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Screengage is an award-winning independent motion picture house that produces films in the $1M and under range with known actors. We mainly focus on thrillers, horror and SciFi with the occasional dark comedy. We bring together film producers and investors to participate in the finance, production and distribution of films for the world market. 

Minimum budgets and high concepts with quality and integrity is our target.  We aim to entertain with intelligent, thought-provoking films that can age with grace.

Some of the filmmakers that inspire us to keep the juices flowing are Federico Fellini, David Fincher, Stanley Kubric, Ridley Scott, Michael Mann, Alfred Hitchcock, William Friedkin and Akira Kurosawa to name a few. That should paint a picture of who we are and where we're pointing the ship.

Most of the scripts we produce are generated in-house, but we are willing to read a great script from outside writers. We are also interested in co-productions to help get the right script made.


Please drop us a line before sending any material.


Tel: 908.627.2622


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