We are committed to telling stories and fulfilling audiences with emotional entertainment. Movies are needed in the world. They can help connect and reaffirm. They can distract from the heaviness life seems to throw our way.


Movies can ignite purpose and passion.  And movies are good for a laugh or a cry when we need it the most.

If you need help telling your story, reach out. From screenwriting to prep through delivery, Screengage can engage with you and your team to get your story out to the world as a movie!


We know that  your movie could be just what someone in the world needs right about now!


Need help getting a project packaged up for investors?


Consider using us as you pre-pro partners! We can offer the following services because we've successfully done them before:

- Shooting Schedule
- Budgets (you'll need several)
- Business Plans
- Teaser Production
- Script Analysis

- IMDb Listing

- List of Legal Requirements

- Chain of Title



Screengage can offer help or handle your film's entire post-production process.    We work directly with you and your director early in the process to map out how we can help deliver your film across all platforms including Cinema DCP.

- Editing
- Color Grading  (Davinci Resolve Studio)
- Visual FX

- Color Calibrated Monitors
- 125" Projection Screen

- Calibrated OLED

- Threadripper Pro Workstation Editing Computer with Quadro GPU and 256GB of RAM

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