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Here's a few of the completed scripts we have on the board for independent film production.  Drop a line if you're interested in drifting to another world with us. Come be a part of the team!


A gritty cop thriller in the vein of TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA, BAD LIEUTENANT, and THE FRENCH CONNECTION.

Written by Michael Yurinko, the story revolves around two emotionally defeated cops and how they plot to change their lives when a money grab opportunity arises. 


This intense horror period script dives deep into the events that led up to the story of IMPURATUS.

Written by Michael Yurinko, SPURCUS follows the desperate life of a nurse who is called to a new position at a remote mental hospital through the congregation she works for.

The story documents the tragic life of a woman  while under attack from the demonic.

We are in development on this project.


Semifinalist in the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting.

Semifinalist in The Chesterfield Screenwriting Competition.

1st Place in the Fade In Awards.

FOR THE LOVE OF JADE is an emotional, award-winning drama set in the 70's in a small town nestled deep within Pennsylvania.

Written by Michael Yurinko, FOR THE LOVE OF JADE follows a prisoner as he relives the events that led him to be convicted two days before his release. This story will leave you in tears and fill your soul with hope.




After losing his wife to an accident, a woodsman struggles to raise his two sons and teach them the value of all life around them, even the demonic hell hound that crashed into their world.  

Written by Michael Yurinko, this screenplay was inspired by the short story 'THIRST' by

Ty Schwambeger.

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